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December 05, 2008


lisa spurlin

I LOVE this show!!!! We watch it every year! :)


I am King of the Nerds!!!


Ha ha ha, thats so cute!


I've watched it every year since the 60's! And even own a Bumble, Rudolph, and Herbie dolls!


Nerds of the world unite. What Homer doesn't know is that my secret plan for world domination requires that I claim my rightful title as King of the Nerds. Don't tell him, 'K?


in what way is Homer bigger than you?


LOL. I can only imagine what it would look when Homer held that Ruldoph ornament next to the TV screen.


I SO want my Bumble Tree Topper! Mama j'adores and looks forward to this little claymation jewel every holiday season! I am such a nerd..I own a copy! Afterall, it was the thing back in the Stone Age when I was a youngin. Homer..you rule!

Mama Mags

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