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November 07, 2008


Lisa Spurlin

I'm right there with you! Let's go for coffee!


Sandy, in my mind and heart I voted against the hate and inequality, because legally I couldn't. Does this still count for the coffee though? LOL

No, seriously. While I'm happy that Obama won, I'm just flabbergasted that a large part of the population still lives in the dark ages. But our day will come. I know it will. In the meantime I just want to give everyone who's affected by this injustice a big hug.


Dearest Sandy,
I am flabbergasted that people can be so narrow-minded and stupid in today's day and age. I voted no on prop 8 here in California and am personally disgusted that the majority voted yes. What is the world coming to? You would think in a day and age when people are open minded enough to vote in a president of a different race, that they would be open minded enough to allow everyone to be equal in the eyes of the law. It's sickening. I'm very disappointed in the passing of this proposition.
Virtual coffee to you and yours.


Hey Sandy--
Having grown up in California, it astounds me that 8 passed here. I don't get how the nation can, for once, do the right thing, but California has its head up its ass this time around. I went to the No on 8 vigil last night at SF city hall with a couple friends, and then we hung out in the Castro for a bit.

I'd take you up on the coffee, but we're a bit far away right now. Next time John and I stop through Tucson...we miss you, my friend.

Mark C.

Sandy, I whole heartedly agree and am sickened by the anti-gay votes during this election. I, too, am mad as hell. Meanwhile James and I are reviewing our legal documents to make sure we are covered. But even with vigilance, we are afraid of all sorts of rights infringements that straights so take for granted. In a time where I am so proud of my country for this election, it reminds me that there are still too many people who truthfully follow a life of hate and cannot see their way out of it.



It is really sad that so many people chose hate instead of understanding and love in CA Proposition 8, and AZ Proposition 102. It just shows that there are still so many people out there do not understand the true meaning of fair and equal rights. It still will take some time and work but there surely is hope but just look at almost half of people at CA to vote no to prop 8.


So true. I have felt myself going through the grief stages on this whole issue. Denial, anger...I'm kind of stuck at anger at the moment. I wasn't able to voice my opposition to hate at the ballot box this time, so I did about the only thing I could think of and sent the CA folks some money.


I think this has woken up a lot of people about the bigotry and money of the Mormon and Catholic churches. Not a great selling point for either.


Honey, I hear ya and this breeder supports you all the way! With a divorce rate of over 50%, it's evident they don't know what the hell a real marriage is anyway.

And here I am, stuck right in the middle of a big, red bunch of the narrow-minded morons. Anybody out there wanna chip in for a one-way ticket to fly me away from these maverick loving born agains and back to the real world?

Double oy vey,


I'm sorry to hear you are so down on things right now... One step forward, two steps back... But it's like trying to hold back the tide and that can only happen for so long


Obviously I didn't vote, but you can bet your arse if I had the chance I would've voted against this shit. The funny thing is, I can't get over how upset I am as a result. I figure that the US would've shown the rest of the world what an enlightened society is capable of. How wrong I was.


i have no words - big hug xx

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