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31 January 2007


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He DID notice. In reality, he had little choice, as I reconfigured all his furniture. He thanked me multiple times and said he loves the new set-up. And I don't think it's a case of him saying what he thinks he wants me to hear...not this time, anyway.

Doug and Woody

Congrats! You are correct, many we know have abandoned the blog thing after beginning. We'll look forward to receiving it...but may need a reminder via email once in a while to get with it and "blog with you". I loved the part about Zane's room. I believe I heard that SAME complaint about thousands of kids from their parents during my teaching career. Never knew a parent who settled (won!), but at least you will feel better every few months or so...when frustration takes over and you "dig in". Now the question: Did he notice a difference on his own or did you have to let him know you had completed the "dig"?

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